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Frequently Asked Questions

While logged out, from the My Account page simply select “Lost Your Password?” below the login boxes. This will take you to a page where you can enter your account email. If you have an account, this will send you an email, simply follow the prompts in the email to reset your password. If you don’t see it in your inbox, please check your spam folder.
If you did not have an account when you purchased your course, an account was created for you. Check your email to find this account information and your login. You may need to check your spam folder. If you still cannot find this information, reset your account password here using the email you entered during your purchase.
This issue can be the result of several sources. The most common is our website’s security. Failure to use the proper username/password or neglecting to check the reCaptcha box three times can result in a temporary lockout. For 30 minutes to 1 hour, our server will prevent your computer from accessing the website. If you aren’t sure of your password you can quickly reset it by selecting the “Lost your password?” text on the login form. An alternative issue can be caused by a caching issue. The cache is a bit of info shared between your computer and this website. Each web browser has a slightly different means of clearing this cache. If the site is slow or not connecting for you and you’re sure you’ve logged in properly, use Google or any search engine and ask “how do I clear my cache?” This is usually straightforward under your options panel. In the unlikely event our webserver is down or neither of the above apply, please reach out to techsupport@zionhealthmd.com
Log in from the Zion Health homepage, and select “Your Courses.” If already logged in, select “My Account,” and then “Your Courses.”
From within “Your Courses,” select the down arrow to the right of the desired course to select the quizzes for that course. Or select the title of the course to the left to view the course content and slides for continuing courses and reviewing before quizzes.
At the end of each quiz, students are given the option to review responses to identify study opportunities for the next quiz attempt.
Quizzes cannot be taken until after the course slides have been marked complete.
From within “Your Courses,” a small icon indicating you have earned a certificate will appear to the right of the completed course title. Select this icon and your certificate will display for you to print or save.
Once you have completed 20 hours worth of Continuing Education courses, please contact our offices at 410-661-0466 or by using our contact form. We will verify that you have passed the required 20 hours of CE courses and can then issue you a certificate in person or through the mail.
When logging out with the “Log Out” button, a confirmation click is required further down the page to complete the process.
Group Registration is available for managers to set up training for multiple users within their facility.
Certain courses will have the option for Group Registration. Once you have purchased a course in bulk for Group Registration you will have access to the Group Registration page. This can be accessed through your My Account page or accessed directly here (Note: This page is only viewable for Group Leaders). The Group Leader has the option to view and manage students added to a group for a particular course by selecting the group name under the Group select option. On selecting a group, the list of enrolled students is displayed. The Group Leader has to enter the student’s name and email id to enroll a student for a course. If a user account does not exist for the student, a new user is created and the student is registered for the course. If the user already exists, he/she is automatically added to the group and enrolled in all the group’s courses. In case the newly enrolled user lose access to their account credentials or forget their password, the group leader can re-invite group user. Once the invitation is sent, the user will receive an email containing their group details, username and password reset link. The admin can also customize the invitation email template. The Group Leader can access reports for a course that the Group Leader has purchased. From the drop down, the Group Leader can select a course and the reports for the users who have attempted the course will be displayed. The Group Leader can see the Course progress, Quiz Statistics and Certificates.
When viewing the Group Registration page, the administrator or manager can toggle between groups using the drop-down menu. Important Note: Each course will have its own group, even if identical group names are provided for all courses at time of registration.
For students: To ensure your certificate will contain the appropriate name, select “Account Info” once logged in to your account and scroll to “Account Details” to ensure the name on your account is correct to avoid delays in receiving your certificate. For group administrators: When registering your students, be sure to enter student names as they should appear on the completion certificates. This will avoid delays in the appropriate certificates being issued. This action is done under the “Enroll New Users” section.